Series 9 Premium Tier ORIPA Japanese Pokemon Pack

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Be able to get rare high-end Japanese exclusive cards for only $30! 

Our ORIPA Mystery Pack compiles a large variety of the best and rarest Japanese cards that would never be able to go as low as $30 nowadays. With a GUARANTEED poster card that could range from Alternate Arts to Poncho Pikachu Promos with every pack, You’re sure to pull something that will be cherished in your collection!

Only SOME of the most amazing hits below:

$1800 Luigi Pikachu Full Art Promo
$900 Munch Pikachu
$450 2014 Battle Festa Pikachu Promo
$250 Stamp Post Pikachu Promo
$200 2001 Shining Mew Promo
$400 Shining Kabutops
$150 Trio Poncho Pikachu Promo 
$120 Vaporeon Eevee Poncho
$200 Munch Eevee Promo
$500 Alakazam Gold Star